Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bound and Done!

Like any other kid I was hooked into collecting comic books.  I was into Spider-man.  I used to by them at Cashman near our school and it was a daily ritual to stop by and oggle the latest issues craving for that day that I can save enough and buy me a copy.  Imported comics were priced around Php 8.75 which was a lot then.  It would take me around three weeks to save enought to purchase one but it was worth the wait.  Now they call it GRAPHIC NOVELS and cost around a thousand or more!

My facination with comic books persisted until high school and by that time I had a lot.  Unfortunately, being a kid did not teach me the TLC needed to keep them in their brand new look and as a result most were already dilapidated and torn. Then came Mr. Mediavillo.  He was our Home Economics teacher in the seminary and he taught us BOOK BINDING.

It was a fun thing to do!  I had so much fun that I book binded most of my father's magazines.  I already had my Spider-man comics sewed and glued and ready to be hard covered when I lent it to a fellow comic book addict and totally forgot about it.  It was only last year when during one of our high school reunion did my friend handed me back my old comic books.  

This was a project more than 30 years in the making and it sure feels good to have finally finished it!

Materials: cartolina, 1/2 illustration board, ruler, paint brush, scotch tape,
and masking tape (not in picture).

The finished product.

The cover design was done by my son Ringo which I had printed on sticker paper.

Finally, after more than 30 years---it's done!

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