Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Breakfast Story

Cooking breakfast for the kids may not be all that glamorous a house chore but it's definitely fulfilling as a father.  Planning the weekly breakfast menu, waking up early in the morning, donning that sexy apron (Nahhh!  Just kidding!  No apron for this dude!) and multi-tasking with Facebook and other Internet "news" (let's skip on the "news" shall we?).

Anyway, today's lunch pack is Fish Fillet and rice.  Not too much rice for Colleen and Carl---a lot for my teenage daughter Chesca.  Now if my eldest son Ringo would bring baon to school then I'd be needing at least two more cups of rice to cook and a bigger cut portioning of viand!  

Breakfast is squid rolls.  It would have been better is I still had that special sauce from the supermarket but what I thought we still had---we don't (check on that for the next grocery day).   Anyway, I guess we'd just have to do with "toyo" or "suka".

The problem with me multi-tasking is that sometimes it gets the better of me.  When I get too engrossed with something on the Net I tend to forget the primary objective which is preparing breakfast and baon.  This morning was a day like this.  In my haste to catch up and finish cooking by 5am, I loaded the squid rolls for frying; however, I did not foresee that what started out as thumb-size rolls could swell twice as large!  After a while I came back to my cooking and saw these giant squid rolls overflowing my frying pan!  Geez!  Di tuloy pantay pagkakaluto ko!  Anyways, sarap pa din naman! (or I would like to think it was)


Spiky said...

ang sarap...hindi ako marunong gumawa ng sauce nyan.

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