Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Problem with Percentages

The problem in a presentation using percentages is that it can be misleading. 

On my way to work yesterday morning I got to watch a discussion on "Unang Hirit" about the bias that the Executive has regarding the Judiciary's misappropriation of the World Bank loan..  According to Winnie Monsod, the amount is merely 1% of the total loan and should not be taken as a claim for a corruption scenario.  I had my eyes closed already by this time and was in the verge of being mesmerized to sleep until Ms. Monsod mentioned that this 1% she was talking about was in the league of Php 8M.  What?!  Goodnessgreatiousgreatballsoffire! It was like hearing her say that 8M is ok to loose!  

Ms. Monsod further said that in order for a certain scenario to be "corrupt" in nature it should at least be 20% of the  fund in question.  My golly!  

Most of the times I agree with what Ms. Monsod has to say about our country's issues but this time---I don't.  Eight million is not just spare change.  Eight million can change the lives of many of our countrymen.  If the Chief Justice did wrong in the tune of 8 million then he should by all means be tried and impeached if need be!

I rest my case.

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