Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anne Curtis' "Annebiyosa No Other Concert"

When I first saw the promo materials for Anne Curtis' first major solo concert I was aghast!   The lady could not carry a proper tune!  It's back again to those variety shows where these young wannabe singers are put at center stage only to go bust and with audience like myself taking pity!  Being pretty does not guarantee an equally beautiful voice.  But then again Anne IS a certified crowd drawer---beautiful, funny, and witty.  And then I saw these pictures of her concert and I was WHOA!!  Never mind her singing quality!  The concert was a SKIN trip!  

In fairness to Anne, I saw some clips of her concert and was not totally repulsed by how she carried her tunes.  

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Anonymous said...

Kulang nalang MagHubo si Anne bat ganyan naman damit nya? sana ngHubad nalang sya natuwa pa mga tao sa knya!