Monday, January 2, 2012

Life Lessons from a Taxi Ride Home

There's nothing perfect in life.  Sometimes we do get a slice of the sweet life but even that wouldn't give us that perfect piece of heaven.  Riding a cab is a good example of this.

I already mentioned i a previous blog about my preference in riding new taxis.  Unfortunately, not all new taxis offer the same kind of luxury and value for money.  This evening I decided to ride a taxi home from my visit to my balikbayan sister in Makati.  The doorman at the Ascott Hotel was kind enough to hail one for me and my entourage and I specifically told him to choose a new one.  Well, he did hail a new looking cab but the aircon was not as cold as we want it to be.  The problem is you can't bitch about it given the different strategies that taxi drivers employ to earn and manage the roller coaster pricing of fuel---cutting on the aircon thermostat being one of them.  Personally, I'm just thankful that God did not give me that challenge in life.  So I just sat there, kept my cool and eagerly awaited our arrival home.  On the flipside however, if you're the driver, don't fault me for not tipping you for the ride.  If I don't feel I got my money's worth, I will not give a TIP.


spiky said...

yup, other drivers doesnt deserve any tip.

jacklymartin said...

This evening I decided to ride a taxi home from my visit to my balikbayan brother in Makati.

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