Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TV Series Review: A Gifted Man

I have been following "House" for eight seasons now so it's no wonder that after watching the first episode of "A Gifted Man" I was instantly hooked.  It was like watching a more likeable version of Dr. House minus the team of other doctors but with the same amount of medical brilliance.

An officemate told me he read good reviews about the show and wanted to try watching an episode.  So I downloaded one and out of personal curiosity gave myself a shot at it (well, I already told you what happened next.).

The story evolves around Dr. Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson), a neurosurgeon at an upscale private clinic in New York.  He ran a very successful practice and practically on top of his game until he saw his ex-wife Anna (Jennifer Ehle) whom he hasn't been in contact with for a long while.  Apparently, Michael still had feelings for her and was in a verge of rekindling old flames when he found out that she has been dead two weeks prior.  That's when Michael's "perfect" world of materialism and rich clients came crashing down and he is forced to face what the real world is all about and what it really means to be a good doctor.  

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spiky said...

this series really interests also a follower of ghost whisperer...

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