Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tong Yang, SM Fairview Annex

My wife has been telling me about the eat all you can at Tong Yang but the opportunity to try it out hasn't turned out yet. Last Friday, we finally got our chance.

Now my idea of an eat all you can buffet is a table laden with food, dig in, and devour all you can take. I consider myself an eat all you can bad ass---you take me to a buffet and you'll surely get your money's worth and then some! I did not get this big taking it easy on food!

I'm happy that my wife enjoyed herself when we went there but I was really impatient with the cooking part. Instead of just shovelling food for a re-fill you still need to wait for the food to cook. Now I know how Pavlov's dog felt!

In fairness, the food was great (except for those which I took in half cooked)!

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