Tuesday, August 17, 2010

American Chopper: Senior vs Junior

When we thought that the series has reached an end when it was cancelled by The Learning Channel (TLC) last February 2010, a fresh twist to the Teutul family has given it new life with the airing of American Chopper Season 7: Senior vs Junior.

Season 6 ended with Senior and Junior, the founding entity behind Orange County Choppers, parting their separate ways in an impasse regarding the latter's proposed buy out of the former's company shares.

Junior was previously fired by his father and formed his own design company outside of the motorcyle business. This is more due to the one year non-compete clause in his OCC contract.

His first solo venture landed him a partnership with Coleman. Unfortunately, with the American recession still in the air, additional projects were hard to come by. Now that the one year non-compete clause is over the battle for the custom chopper supremacy is on! And with Vinnie back as Junior's partner OCC may have their hands full!

Whose side are you on?

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Linda said...

Before the latest season aired, I was admittedly a Senior fan. I thought Junior lacked a good work ethic and slacked too much. But all that has changed with Senior's behavior as of late...