Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inceptionally Salted

I watched two movies in the past two weekends---"Salt" and "Inception".

Both movies were action packed. "Inception" was shown two weeks ahead of "Salt" and hogged the #1 box office spot. I'm no Leonardo DiCaprio fan. Truth be known, he was typecasted in my mind as Jack in "Titanic". I just couldn't accept him doing action flicks. Naturally, I did not get the itch to watch him in "Inception". I was however running out of patience to watch Angelina Jolie's spy-action movie "Salt".

"Salt" previews has been showing in cinemas early this year and I since I first saw it I have been in vigil for it to hit the big screen. It's that obvious that I'm an Angelina Jolie fan, huh? Actually, I'm an action movie buff. But putting Angelina side by side with action---then you've got me stoked! Needless to say, "Salt" did not disappoint me! The action was intense and the story got me guessing until the last part. A very good return for the Php 31.00 I added to my Citibank subsidized movie ticket and then some!

I was watched "Inception" more for the curiosity of it. I was quite sure that "Salt" would topple it from the #1 spot when it opened but surprisingly it didn't! The following week "Despicable Me" opened and "Inception" still ruled! What does this movie have that kept people from going and going?! Last Saturday I found out.

"Inception" had a Byzantine plot that would test a viewer's grasp at logic. It was convoluted and utterly tangled that when the movie ends you're left with your mouth hanging. Did Cobb's totem stop spinning? It looks as if its slowing down and then the movie cuts. What the...?!

A dream within a dream within a dream. I guess people came to see the movie because everyone ahead of them who watched was so confused that they wanted to make sense of it themselves. That's what I did and it also left me befuddled! Once thing's for certain---doing such a discombobulating movie is an effective recipe for success.

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