Friday, August 20, 2010

Grand Vista Hotel Boracay

It has been three months since me and my wife celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in the beautiful island of Boracay but the memories of those wonderful four days vacation still lingers.

The beauty and spectacle of the island is a given. Day or night the place is teeming with activity. Needless to say, there was no boring moment in Boracay! No wonder we found our stay "bitin"!

After going about all your business from Station 1 to 3, you can't help but get sapped! What really helped us get revitalized for the next day's action was the cool comfort of the Grand Vista Hotel!

The accomodations were a honeymooner's delight! The room was enormous! It had a king size bed, a big LCD TV, hot and cold shower, and if you want to just dip in water privately---you have your own 3x4 meter pool to soak the heat away! Sweet!

We were not able to use the hotel's main swimming pool since we were out most of the time but it sure looks very nice to swim in.

Buffet breakfast is from 6am-10am. The menu was nothing fancy. Don't expect brewed coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice but it sure gave us enough sustenance to fuel our halfday's worth of gallivanting!

One downside to this hotel is its location. Definitely no walking distance to the white sand beach. The hotel is on the topside portion of the island. To remedy this situation, the hotel had an hourly airconditioned service going to D'Mall. Pick up going back to the hotel is also by the hour until 9pm.

On the upside, being located on the hill top sure gave us one hell of an island view!

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Maricar said...

wow! looking at your pictures makes me really excited...i'll be staying here also this coming december, can't wait!