Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Managing Media Crisis

Media can either make or break anyone whether you are in business, politics, sports, or show business.

Media has gone leaps and bounds since the Watergate scandal. Today, everyone can become a source of information. Bloggers are abound. If before we are dependent on what the 4am news has got for us, in this age, news come out every hour.

Social networking communities are dominating our daily activities---wall posts, tweets, and comments can now be done using cellphones. Citizen journalism is now a powerful tool for real time information.

Freedom of the press has given unscrupulous journalists the license to sensationalize petty news and blow it out of proportion. "Payola" in journalism? Oh, yeah! Corrupt journalists are there believe me. For a price, they can actually edit an interview to promote or malign---create a whole new truth based choice information just like a digital images are Photoshoped.

So, is it fair to fear the media? I would like to think so, BUT, let us remember that big companies, politicians, famous athletes, and show business personalities will always be in the cross hairs of media scrutiny. They are the source of the news. Let's face it---many of us will likely read a juicy scandal than a straight up news. The demand for such is high. Whether we like it or not print and broadcast media is a business. Their content is more to cater on what the reader and the viewer demands for. So like a lions on the prowl, they pounce on every opportunity to get the next Watergate.

So, what is the best way to "manage" the media? Simple---DON'T FUCK UP!

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