Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is Responsibility?

"With great powers comes great responsibilities."

Not like superheroes, we don't have  super powers to speak of but we do have the power of choice to live up to the responsibilities that we have.

Responsibility is the commitment to CONSISTENTLY do the job you are tasked with based on the parameters of the highest  QUALITY.  Doing it due to mere compliance is not being responsible.  One should understand the VALUE behind the task and its importance in the whole scheme of things.  Commitment follows understanding.

The thing is, responsibility does not only reside in the WORK PLACE.  Responsibility starts AT HOME.  

House chores are good training to learn the meaning of responsibility.  If you notice that your mother is continually reminding you of your work at home then YOU ARE NOT BEING RESPONSIBLE.  If your father is always in your case with regard to the quality by which you've done your chores YOU ARE NOT BEING RESPONSIBLE.  Just imaging yourself like this at work and I you can be assured of a SHORT TERM stint at any company.

The home is where your values find their roots. To have good values growing up would always mean a valued worker at the office.

Again, RESPONSIBILITY is a matter of CHOICE.  So choose to BE RESPONSIBLE.

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Ken Wooi said...

Responsibility is the desire to be accountable for what is done. To accomplish a certain task with proper mindset. :)