Monday, July 23, 2012

SONA: Trapik, Rally, atbp

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is the President's self declared report card.  This is where he provides the people of what the government has done specific to the political, social, and financial platform of his presidency.  However, in so far as the past SONA's (not only that of PNoy's) have gone, it only gave me artificial hope as to the TRUE state of the nation is.  I guess giving hope (where there seem to be none) is part of the president's job description.  No one said it would be an easy job.   

Personally, I don't care anymore.  I let the critics sift through the ridiculous numbers and the idealistic tasks.  What I'm concern more of is how to get to work without being late and then sleep off the traffic going back home.  

The SONA will not be complete without the rallies by the militant groups.  Actually, without them, there would be no need for traffic enforcers to block off the other half of Commonwealth Avenue.  As the cliche goes, "You can't please everyone."  Another part of the presidential package.  

It's the day after the SONA and all the news broadcast is getting on their own take about the 1 1/2 hour speech.  What did he say?  What he should have said?  What he did not say?  Where did he get those figures?  The discussion goes on and on and on!  Would you believe the event is also treated like a red carpet event?!  Parang awards night na meron pang Best Dressed!  

Oh well, that's Philippine politics for you!  


Armando dela Cruz said...

At first, I was really giving him the benefit of the doubt. It's not really an easy task to be president to a country like ours. Years will pass and exasperation will surge upward inside my body until it reaches my breaking point; like a thermometer when mercury reaches the top, it breaks (visible in many cartoons). The state of the nation address is like the remake of Friday the 13th. It's unwanted and unnecessary. Why take pursuit of something you know will not affect a thing? Nice post by the way.

Nonoy said...