Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spider-man Trivia Part 2

The Women of Peter Parker/Spider-man's Life
Peter's first love was Gwen Stacy.  When Gwen died in the hands of the Green Goblin, Mary Jane Watson filled the void.  These two are the more famous women in Peter Parker's life.  But  Peter also dated other ladies like Betty Brant who worked as J. Jonah Jameson's secretary.  Their relationship was cut short due to Betty's jealousy over Peter's high school classmate Liz Allan (Liz became Mrs. Harry Osborn).  And then there's Carlie Cooper who became Peter's girlfriend after Mary Jane.

Carlie Cooper works as a crime lab expert
for the New York Police Department.

However, as Spider-man, he also got involved with rather some very interesting ladies.

The Black Cat

Burglar.  She's got the power to hex bad luck on anyone who thinks her harm.  She was Spidey's rebound girl when MJ turned down his first proposal for marriage.  Unfortunately, Black Cat does not like how Spidey's alter ego lives his life and the relationship did not prosper.

Silver Sable

Spider-man worked with Silver Sable in a couple of jobs and it's quite obvious that Silver Sable is enamored with the Wall Crawler.  Is the feeling mutual?  I think the Spider-man writers need to finally decide on that.  Right now, given a kiss or two from Sable ain't not such a bad deal for Spider-man.

Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel worked together in the New Avengers.  She openly declared her attraction to Spider-man.  Spidey you're such a chick magnet!

Spider-man fought along side with the most heroes in the world
Peter Parker's did not live a financially stable life.  He worked freelance as a photographer for the Daily Bugle's but its not enough to live on.  When Peter and Mary Jane got married they had to shack up with Aunt May due to financial limitations.  This prompted Spider-man to ply his services to the Avengers and get financial stipend.  Unfortunately, he was deemed "disruptive" to the group dynamics and was denied membership though his services would be called upon time and again.

Spider-man also worked along side The Fantastic Four and became a member when the group became the Future Foundation after The Human Torch's death.

An inventor---officially that is!
Peter Parker have always been a man of science.  Unfortunately, being Spider-man got him too pre-occupied fighting bad guys that he almost did not finish college.  But now he is a creative engineer at the Horizon Lab which creates the most sophisticated technologies in the Marvel Universe.  This is where Peter creates Spider-man's special suits aside from other stuff on the side.


Armando dela Cruz said...

Yeah, it really saddened me when Gwen Stacy died...the hardest part was, there was no clear reason she died, or how for that matter. My guess though is that when Spidey caught her while falling, her neck snapped (notice that there was a caption "snap" beside her neck).

Paul said...

As far as Spidey's relationship with a female hero is concerned, the list is as follows excluding the Black Cat:

Ms. Marvel
Silver Sable
Black Widow

As far as using anyone of them, I feel that Marvel should give the Black Cat to Daredevil and Silver Sable to Winter Soldier in exchange for the Black Widow as Spider-Man's partner for a story arc. After that, Marvel could trade the Black Widow to Hawkeye in exchange for Spider-Woman as Peter's partner.

But the one relationship that would top all of them is his relationship with Mystique( in the form of Carlie Cooper or Mary Jane).

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