Friday, July 20, 2012

Spider-man Trivia

The recent Spider-man revived my childhood fascination with the Wall Crawler and prompted me to continue reading the comic book story where I last left off in my youth.  In order to remember where I actually left off I needed to review from the beginning and hope that my aging memory triggers a semblance of familiarity.  Fun process I must say!

Apparently, aside from the Amazing Spider-man series that I was following (mainstream continuity) there is an alternate comic book universe---another "dimension"---an Ultimate Universe where comic book creators and editors explored other comic book realities.  Naturally, there is the Ultimate Spider-man series that explore another story line to the already colorful life of Spider-man.  But I'm not going to go ahead of myself and just stick to the mainstream story for now.

I only knew of two costumes that Spidey wore---the original red and blue and then the alien suit which he wore during the Secret Wars series.  The former, which is actually a living organism, almost took over Spider-man in its symbiotic need to merge with its host.  Spidey, with the help of Reed Richards and The Human Torch of the Fantastic Four was able to take off the symbiote costume and and held it in captivity in their headquarters.  The costume would later escape and plague the life of Spider-man.  It would later merge with Spider-man's critic Eddie Brock and create the villain Venom.  Spider-man would wear another black suit similar to the symbiote but was sewn for him by the Black Cat.

However, Spider-man will get to wear other costumes with his various collaboration with other heroes (special mention to Tony Stark aka Iron-man and Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic).  Of course, being an inventor and scientist himself, Peter Parker also created variations to his costume.  

Iron Spider-man.  Created by Tony Stark during
Spider-man's employment leading to the Civil
Wars story arc.
The Unstable Molecule Costume.
Created by Reed Richards for Spider-man's use
as a member of the Future Foundation.
Spider-Armor Mark 1.  Created by Peter Parker
when New York wasattacked by villains using high caliber
rifles.  Made out of pseudo-metallic compound
invented by Peter at Empire State University.
The suit slowed him down but it rendered him
impervious to bullets.

Spider-Armor Mark II.  Peter Parker's enhanced
version of the Spider-armor.  This suit can
withstand a direct hit from a grenade launcher.

Anti-Sinister Six Suit.  Another Peter Parker invention designed
to counteract the different capabilities of the Sinister Six.

The Stealth Suit.  Created to combat
the Hobgoblin's sonic scream, the suit wraps
sound and light around it making it invisible
in the process.  The suit would later be worn
by Peter's clone Kaine.


Armando dela Cruz said...

Cool. :)

Nonoy said...

Thank you Armando. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Beast costumes!