Sunday, July 15, 2012

How'd Ya Like Your Melons?

No, this is not a question for women.  It's like the perennial question about your steak preference (I like mine medium rare by the way).

Boobs, tits, jugs, melons, puppies...what ever else you call them---their size can be a cause of distraction---often times a delightful one at that!  Just don't let the ladies notice for surely you'll end up with a back-hand slap to the face (or worse, a knee on you nut!).  According to a study in the University of Wellington, the breast is the first thing a man notices when looking at a woman and the longest he looks at in any given time.  It is also believed that staring at a woman's knockers can extend a man's life.  How reliable is this study?  I'm rather not sure but it does justify the oggling.  

So how'd ya like your breast?  BIG, firm, and pinkish that's the general agreement in Testosterone Nation.  Silicone enhanced accepted.  This way you have a play thing and a pillow all in one package.  But beware, in  extreme instances big jugs can be a weapon!  Get yourself cymbaled by two huge mammary glands and you'd be disoriented and temporarily deaf!  

Based on if you would want an abundance of big puppies you should go to the United States where majority of the women are D-cup sized.   If you're into the gargantuan sizes, Russia would be the place to be!  

Naturally, women with big melons get stared at a lot.  However, not all women find it comforting to be stared at.  But like many a life's ironies those with a small pair are envious of not having bigger ones.  You just can't win them all I guess!

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