Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Bass-Nicki Minaj feat. Daiana Menezes, Mark Cadapan, and Friends

Talk about going beyond the call of duty!

Daiana Menezes continues to surprise me.  For a woman of her stature she sure knows how to have fun---even at her expense!  I guess she's just living up to her aspiration to establishing herself as a sexy comediane.   But Daiana's life is not centered on herself and her success.  She is a loyal friend with a heart so kind that when a fan seeks assistance for a school assignment she goes beyond her busy schedule to lend a helping hand!  

Daiana and my wife's nephew Mark some two years ago at a fan's day and have become close ever since.  I also met Daiana during this time which I wrote about in another blog  Me and my wife met with Mark's mom yesterday and she told us how Daiana helped Mark with his project.  This was all in my imagination until Mark shared the video on my Facebook wall this morning.  It really made my day so much that I just had to write this blog entry.  

I know of some famous people who would charge for their autograph not knowing that it is the fans that are giving them their business but Daiana is a different breed of celebrity.  No wonder she is so blessed with so many gigs.  

You can also watch this video on YouTube

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