Sunday, March 18, 2012

Solenn Heussaff Album Launch @ SM Fairview Annex

How I wish she came dressed this way!
Solenn's album launch at SM City Fairview Annex this afternoon was supposed to start at 4pm but good sense told me to chill at Papa John's Pizza (which was just a table's view from the venue) to wait for the event to unfold.  By golly!  Me and my wife sure stretched eating that small pizza!  The program started a little more than 5pm but kudos to all of Solenn's loyal fan (mainly men) who patiently waited with all their gaze strained at the mall's rear entrance where she was expected to make her ingress.

Late may the event had been it was worth the wait!  Solenn captivated the crowd with songs from her album, mingled, waved, and gave away posters.  Other than that---she was a true sight to behold!  Man-oh-man, I just hope the pictures I took justifies how beautiful she is!

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