Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie Review: Act of Valor

The movie is said to be based on real life missions of the US Navy SEALS.    It was originally meant as a US Navy recruitment film but Matt McCoy and Scott Vaugh of Bandito Films got an epiphany for a modern day action movie.  

Only a handful of actors were hired for this film and all the rest were active duty SEALS and military personnel.   Professional film critics gave it a bashing but based on its strong first week sales---audience thought otherwise.  Personally, I did not notice the poor acting and the "cliched story line".  I found the action sequence very riveting.  Being a Filipino I did find it a slight to my nationalistic pride that the bad guys in this movie were Filipino Jihad extremists but I guess there is no denying that fact our Muslim brothers do have a small faction of extremist sympathizers.  

Another novelty about this film is its use of the "first person" perspective reminiscent of the Call of Duty game.  

For action movie junkies like me---you'll surely enjoy this flick!

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