Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hot Imports Night VIP Party-March 24, 2012

It was my first time to attend the Hot Imports Night VIP Party and I must say that it did not disappoint!  Oh, forget the cars!  I went there to see the ladies and boy did I have a good time!  It was worth the Php 400.00 entrance!  The only disappointing part was that Arianny Celeste did not show the stuff that made her famous.  She was a picture of demureness---which was not BatMans (Batang Manyak) came there for.  Good thing the Mocha Girls, the Bikini fashion show ladies, Jeri Lee, and Nikita Esco provided for enough testosterone fix to compensate for Arianny's lack of "exposure". 

Arianny, Nikita, and Jeri during the autograph signing.
The crowd thought of seeing Arianny in a skimpy bikini but what
we got was this.

Nikita gyrating to the delight of the male dominated crowd.

You can't miss Jeri's ASS when you're this close!

An ASS parade of bikini babes!

The Mocha Girls doing what they do best---wake up
the sleeping giant!

Can't get enough of Mae!

Best ass EVAHH!

The event was in tandem with Wave 89.1's 11th year anniversary hosted by DJs HTown, Dash, KC and with music spun by DJ Marlon---I must say it was one hell of a party!  

A sizeable crowd gathered to watch and be one with the celebration and with majority of the audience population being mail you can practically smell testosterone in the air!  That's what happens when you flaunt a platoon of scantily clad women  in an enclosed room!  Such a collection of boobs and booties in different shapes and sizes!

But this model really shook the house in her revealing red monakini!  Me and the wife did not finish the show and did not stick to know who won the first HIN Bikini pageant but I'm sure this lady got the judges' attention.  I already had an eye-full so I guess missing the announcement did not matter---UNLESS ARIANNY TOOK OFF HER JUMP SUIT AND DANCED IN A TWO PIECE BIKINI!  That would haunt me forever! 

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