Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daiana Menezes: A Beautiful Lady with an Equally Beautiful Heart

Show business people can sometimes be snobbish---well, not this lady! 

Thank you to the nephew of my wife I got the chance to meet face to face with Ms. Daiana Menezes during her mini get together with Tweet-mates at the Diana Stalder Derm Clinic @ Edsa Central.  Actually, I begged him to let me join the entourage and offered to become his official photographer.  Tweet, tweet, tweet and I was in! 

Daiana's "buddies" were teenage ladies and boys---fans who were surprised that Daiana obliged to their invite for a meet.  You can just see how much they were at awe with her down to earth attitude with them as if they were long lost friends.  She initiated picture taking, gave them hugs and kisses, and indulged in small talk with the dumbfounded fans.  Daiana's show of affection really overwhelmed them!  Me, I tried my darnest to be non-chalant about it but truth be known, I was numb to my senses when I was introduced to her.  She offered her hand and I shook it.  A kiss would have been welcome seeing her abounding friendliness towards everyone but I froze and lost the opportunity.  Not like me at all (and it has nothing to do with my wife being there).  But it was like seeing Aprodite in person and you just can't help but stare and be at awe!  Oh come on, give me a break---I don't get to meet gorgeous Brazilian models on a daily basis, do I?  However, what topped it all off was that she acted like an ordinary person having fun with friends.  No prima donna attitude.  She even ate bbq like any other.  I guess that trait of hers is her most endearing quality. 

Personally, I had fun just taking pictures and bathing in her beauty but I'm sure the young ones had a real blast as Daiana prepared food, drinks and an afternoon of SPA-ing with her.

More power Ms. Menezes!  Stay as sweet as you are!

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