Friday, March 23, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream is Over-rated

Just had a couple of tooth extracted and guess what my dentist prescribed me?  Ice cream!  Mangnum Ice Cream to be precise!  

My hats off to the marketing people of this ice cream.  The commercial was very enticing specially in terms of its size (notice how big it is?). Well, I've had my taste of Magnum and at Php 50.00 it doesn't provide value for money!  It did have a rich and thick dark chocolate coating but in terms of over-all taste it doesn't stand out from DQ's Dilly Bar (@Php 39).  But what was noticeably different from the commercial is its seemingly lacking size.  I'm not sure if Selecta had it re-sized for the Philippine market but what you see in the commercial and the actual in not in sync!  Not unless the model they used in the commercial was a midget!

Well, I still followed my dentist's advice to heal with ice cream but I opted for something I can get my money's worth...

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Nava.K said...

Over here we have the mini sizes and the normal big ones. This is my fav esp when I don't eat well and need some energy. Sad to hear that the price is steep in your country but for us, its acceptable.