Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Photographer's Creed

I was at the Hot Imports Night VIP party last March 24 and was trigger happy with my camera.  I was in the zone of catching the moment especially when the the ladies started parading their wares!  In my opinion I had a very defining shot that night and I wasted no time posting it as a teaser for my HIN blog.  I even posted it as an entry in the HIN photo contest.  The picture I'm talking about is the one I took of Sophia Zafra in her revealing red monakini.  

My initial position was five rows at the front of the stage but seeing the throng of photographers in front of me I figured that I'm not going to get a decent shot with all the cameras up in the air.  So I relocated myself at the left side of the stage.  I was alone when I planted myself in my position but as soon as the festivities got in the way other photographers saw the great vantage point I'm at and soon we were like packed sardines!  

I'm pretty sure that everyone who attended the HIN VIP party would attest that it was a SKIN-fest!  The ladies were in different variety of UNDRESS!  Everyone seemed to have forgotten about the cars and the ladies dominated the night which got the testosterone level to critical mass! I was with my good old Sony Alpha 380 with my 55-200mm lens mounted to snap 'em pictures and my Nokia N8 to get some video clips.  My-oh-my!  The night was like a two hour foreplay as the ladies strutted on stage and gyrated to the approval of the male dominated audience!  All cameras were firing from different angles and the ladies were in for a firing squad!  It was during this moment that I captured the picture of Ms. Zafra!  She was doing her stuff right in front of me!  Too near for my SLR so I switched my N8 to picture mode and snapped away!  It was a spur of the moment reflex and I was proud to have captured it!  I'm sure many BATMANs who saw the picture liked it as well! (Note:  BATMAN is short for Batang Manyak.)

Yesterday I got a Facebook message from Ms. Zafra and she told me that the picture was "nakakaBASTOS".  I was really confused by the message.  First of all, she DID participate in the event; secondly, she was the one who chose what to wear; and lastly, I did not ask her to do the dougie in front of me!  Well, the cameltoe was a consolation but that too was not my fault.  However, I did not wish to offend anybody so I humbly apologized to Ms. Zafra and deleted that picture from my posts.  

Part of the Photographer's Creed says:
My camera and myself know that what counts is not the shots we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the flashes we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…
Personally I'd say that I hit it with that picture---the question is, "DID I DO WRONG?"


V2.0 said...

Too bad, I would have loved to have seen that photo.

As for Miss Zafra: whoah, you know what the business you are into entails, now you just saw one shot that doesn't suit your tastes, and you come to the photographer saying its "nakakabastos". Then I guess maybe its high time you also reflect on your day job, miss. Just my 2 cents. :)

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