Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I woke up early as usual and went through my regular early morning routine (of cooking breakfast for the kids and multi-tasking in Facebook) when I felt a nagging pain on my rightside chest.  Still, I went on my business and tried to ignore it.  After escorting my mother to her jeepney stop for church, I got into a jeepney on my way to work.  The pain was already bothersome by now.  I already  felt difficulty getting deep breaths.  So I finally decided to go straight to the FEU hospital to get some doctor's advise.  

It was a slow day at the ER that time around 5:30am so I got immediate attention.  The nurse got my pulse, blood pressure, and ECG.  Unfortunately, it was male nurse which ruled out any happy hour during my stay.  Actually, there was a scarcity of any pretty nurses or interns around which made my stay quite boring.  After 30 minutes, the doctor tells me that my vitals were all normal.  He then decides to give me a painkiller.  After an hour, the pain finally subsided.  According to the doctor's report it was COSTOCHRONDITIS.  Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to the the painkiller I was given to take and ended up with itchy, swollen eyes as if I got into a round with Pacman.  Now I'm the source of humor by Chesca who says that I look like Majinboo (whoever that is).

I think I had the same episode a couple of years ago.  I also brought myself to the hospital with the same problem.  That time I did not tell my wife until I got home.  You can just imagine the flack that I got for not telling her.  So this time I called her as soon as I got to the ER.  My first words were, "Do not panic."  I guess it was something you don't tell your wife when you're calling from the ER.  Although she did not go to hysterics, she just got in her shirt and jeans and set off without doing her morning hygiene rituals and was by my side in no time.  Sweet, right?  That's why I love my wife very much!

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