Friday, September 30, 2011

Bus Travelling Tips

I guess with my many years of  travelling the Fairview to Megamall route by bus makes me kind of an expert in the subject matter, so allow me to provide you some tips when going this road and then some.

On a Monday...
-set off early.  If you're from Lagro or beyond, don't let yourself be caught at the juncture of Regalado and Commonwealth Avenue at 6am---if you don't want to get stuck there for a LONG while.

-and you're running late, take the Ayala bus.  It will by-pass the Ortigas intersection and buy you around 10-15 minutes of traffic time.  However, you need to make sure that you sit near the entrance.  It's often times standing room come Mega Mall and it's going to be a real bitch getting off if you're seated at the back.

-everyone seems to be running late.  When this happens and you happen to be one of them idiots who think they can outrun the Monday morning rush---you better make sure you find a front row seat; otherwise, it will be a bitch squeezing your way out of a fully packed bus.

When picking a bus...
-well, if you're a tall, big guy like me, you need more leg room.  In my experience, the Jayross bus fits my size to a T...well, most of them mostly (I do belive they also have different makes of buses where sitting is concened).  There's also Kellen and Taguig Lines but these two are oftentimes already filled up by the time they get to my waiting stations at the Petron station in Fairview (near the SSS Village) and at SM Megamall.

To bring or not to bring...a sweater...
-if you're travelling early morning or evening, I suggest you do.  Super cold these new buses especially during those times.  With the old buses, commuters would complain that it's too hot.  Now, with the new buses it's extremely cold.  I'm not complaining though.  Better cold than hot.  Sweat of different stench plus the heat can be a very nauseating experience.  (Paano ka naman matutulog nun?)

Telenovela, news, or a movie?
-I'm not fond of telenovelas (except those sexy Mexican types where it's more flaunting of cleavages and skin tight outfits); the news would always showcase the bad (not a great way to start your day I tell you); so I guess it's a movie for me.  Which leads to the question---"Why is it that there would be instances when they show imported movies with subtitles?   I absolutely hate this!  How can you concentrate on watching when you're too busy trying to read what the characters are saying?!  Anyway, unless it's a favorite movie of mine, I normally go to sleep throughout the bus ride.

The best seat in the house is...
-the one nearest the window.  This is more an advantage for a big guy like me.  Basically I occupy 1 1/4 of the seating space so it's "sorry" to those seating with me.  The downside is that it's hard to plow through stubborn seatmates when getting out of the bus.  Sorry again if you refuse to budge from your seat when I'm on my way out 'cause---I'm definitely going to pass you whichever which way I can. Crash and burn, baby!
The worst seat in the house is...
-the back seat.  Other than the it's the worst place to be when getting out of a packed bus, if the rear wheel suspension ain't that good---it's sure to be one hell of a bumpy ride!

Is sleeping in the bus safe?
-If you're a woman or a puny little man with a flamboyant attitude, better keep alert.  Pick pockets will zero in on you and strike if you're not alert or will simply bully you to give up your things.  If you're pretty or is dressed to show more skin, expect to be stared on by  the men.  Worse case you get to seat beside a sexual deviant---now that's going to be creepy!

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