Friday, October 14, 2011

Papa John Pizza: Too Much of a Promise

I wrote about my dining experience at Yellow Cab a couple of blogs ago and a friend said that something better is coming to SM Fairview.  Then came Papa John's Pizza.

For clarity's sake, let me just quantify that my understanding of a "better option" is specific to Food, Service, and Ambiance.  Naturally, this promise intrigued me no end.  So last September 27 me with my wife and daughter in tow went to get a taste of Papa John's. 

We dropped by after doing our weekly grocery at the SM Hypermart around 8:30pm.  We were greeted by friendly service crews  and ushered to a table.  After browsing through the menu we decided to order the ones with the most enticing pictures, namely:  the BBQ Pork Rib, Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza, Chicken Strips, and Chicken Mushroom Calzone.  Unfortunately, we were informed that the BBQ Pork Rib was already closed for ordering since it's already near closing time and there were no longer Chicken Strips available.  Oh well, that's what I get for going there late.  Instead, I ordered for Cheese Sticks and Baked Italian Meatballs.  It was a delectable feast.  However, the Baked Italian Meatballs, while the taste is good, @ Php 140 it doesn't give value for money with such a small serving.  I can actually cram all 5 meatballs in my mouth and put it down the hatch in one gulp. 

Last Sunday, my wife and I again tripped on Papa John's.  It was still early (around 6pm) so we ordered for the BBQ Pork Rib but again we were disappointed since the store ran out of stock.  Madami daw kasing tao earlier.  My thought was I don't care if the store had a fiesta earlier.  My concern is I'm a customer and I want an order of BBQ Pork Rib on the menu.  I tried to salvage the situation by ordering a small pizza and Potato Wedges but both were also out.  Sigh!  Exasperated, we got ourselves out of there and went straight to Shakey's Pizza where everything was available inspite of the fact that they were semi-filled up.

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