Friday, October 21, 2011

Company Phone Etiquette

Having a company phone comes the responsibility of answering business calls.  That's a must.  Using your company phone for personal matters is but an additional perk.  In so far that I have been given a company phone to use I have come to set my own ground rules based on my personal experiences.  Well, actually, it's based on the Golden Rule --- don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.  Unfortunately, not many share this philosophy.  My opinion is---either they hate their work or they are freeloaders whose presence in the company is but a waste of investment. Anyway, allow me to share the company phone etiquette as I know it:

1.  Answer ALL calls---even those whose numbers is not part of your phonebook.  This is especially true for those who distribute calling cards during meetings.  Me, I don't immediately store the numbers of vendors in my phonebook so there are times when they call me back their numbers don't register.  So always assume that when your phone rings it is always a business call.  Hence, IMPORTANT.  You can miss personal calls from a nagging wife or mistress but never a business call.

2.  When you miss a call, have the decency to either text or call back.  This goes back to rule #1.  Business calls are meant to be responded to.  It's simple courtesy.  Ignoring missed calls is not only a reflection of your person but also taints the reputation of your company.

3.  Two rings should be enough.  This should be similar to your landline rule.  Entertaining calls are part of the job.  POJ as I call it.  A job hazard that needs to be accepted especially if you're handling helpdesk. 

Of course there are exeptions to this rule like:  
  • In a meeting or is engaged in an important conversation
  • Driving - for those who have cars or motorcycles (especially motorcycles)
  • While in a public utility vehicle (pick pocket or snatcher magnet)
  • While in a theater

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