Monday, October 31, 2011

House Season 8

After last season's house crashing last episode, season 8 begins with House incarcerated for a year and parole eligible.  Of course, even in prison House still steers up a commotion with the inmate big wigs.  His genius however delivers him from another 6 months of jail time when a case in Princeton‑Plainsboro Hospital comes up and the new Dean of Medicine brokers for his parole and his medical reinstatement.  Ironically, House's new boss is Foreman. 

House come back with a shanty of an office and Dr. Chi Park, a Filipino-Korean doctor,  who now comprises his "team".   With no clout and with his ass tied to the hospital and his home (due to an ankle monitor), House tries to bully his way through hospital utilities and conspiring to get his old team back.

Enter Dr. Jessica Adams (played by Odette Yustman) as the doctor whom House got chummy with while inside prison.  She is now unemployed (afte she sides with House's diagnosis in the opening episode) and is now working for House in a voluntary basis.  And then comes 13.  Boy oh boy, I'm thinking this is going to be one interesting season---until House fires 13 after episode 3.  Yeah, BUMMER!

Well, the season is still young and many things are still to unfold. 

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