Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pahuwayan Suites, Boracay

In the Visayan vernacular "pahuway" means "to rest".  Pahuwayan then means "a place where you can rest". 

Located at the eastern side of Boracay Island along the Bulabog Beach, the Pahuwayan Suites is definitely a place where you can rest and be far away from the bussle of city life.  Heck!  It's even extricated from the busy west side of the island where Stations 1-3 are located.  Again, it depends on what kind of relaxation you want.  In the case of this resort, it's the quiet and serene one.  However, it does not mean that Bulabog Beach is a boring place.  It does have its own set of FUN activities.  Actually, it is considered to be the Number 1 kite boarding beach in Asia and home of international kite boarding instructors and champions of the famed Freestyle Academy.

On this side of the island, the cottages or villas are so near the shoreline that you are lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves hitting shore and where you get buffetted by the strong Amihan wind.  There is also no eatery and nightlife on this side of the island.  By night fall, the beach is all dark and lifeless except for the sound of waves and the rustle of the coconut leaves.  If you want some night action, D'Mall is but a 10 minute walk away.

Pahuwayan Suites is only a year old with an 8 room accomodation.  My wife and I were booked in the Queen Size Room.  Amenities include a private balcony with seating area, a queen size bed, a 32-inch LCD TV with cable, airconditioning system, hot and cold shower, and Wi-fi connection.  The only difference between the other type room (King Size Room) is the size and the inclusion of a sofa and dining table.  The room is semi-painted, high ceilinged, and with a touch of wood.

The bath is where the downside of this resort comes in.  Pragmatic in design, you have a sink, toilet, and a shower.  No bathtub nor hairdryer (much to the disdain of my wife).  The resort also provided towels but with the exception of the toilet paper, there were no other free toiletries supplied.  Meaning, you need to bring your own toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and soap. 

Another downside is that the place doesn't have a generator.  There was a power outage during our second day on the island which lasted for 9 hours.  Heat was not the issue.  It was windy and all we had to do was open the balcony doors and we could have chilled there the whole day.  It was the lack of water that was the discomfort.  Apparently, the suite ran a water pump to supply the three floor complex and when the power went out---the water went with it.  I had to fetch water from the ground floor and bring it to our second floor room.

The toilet is also in need of a bidet.  Well, for a big guy like me whose got a whole lot of load to dump, if your toilet doesn't have a good flushing capacity, then we've got a problem.  Since there's no bidet or a dipper for that matter, there's no choice but use the tissue paper.  Unfortunately, a huge load plus tissue paper meant a whole lot of flushing!  I would have loved to borrow the pail and dipper of the resort but it seems it's the only one so it was up to my ingenuity to provide for an alternative.  This is where the 1.5 litter Gatorade bottle came into play.

My wife and I went to Boracay to savor the scenery so despite this low side, I'd still give the Pahuwayan Suites a VERY GOOD in terms of the ambiance it provided.  It was the first time that we saw the sun rise in Boracay and it was majestic!

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, we paid 2k/night which is the low season rate. 

How to get there:
  • From the jettyport take a tricycle.
  • Fare should range from Php 100-125 only.
  • Since Pahuwayan is a new resort, tricycle drivers may not know were its at, so just tell them to go to Bulabog.  The hotel is opposite the 7 Stones Hotel.

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