Saturday, September 10, 2011

Book Sale Treasure: "The Score Takes Care of Itself" by Bill Walsh

Digging in book sales can turn up the most unexpected treasures.  Under those stacked up books are reading materials that can be life changers.  I used to buy brand new books---bestselling novels mostly---but with a big family to support, the purchase of brand new books is a luxury that I needed to sacrifice.  It did not however dampen my craving for a new book to read.  So where else does a book lover go if you don't have the dough to buy a new one---BOOK SALES!

Life is a continuous learning process; however, you need not experience everything for you to learn.  Other people's stories can provide you life lessons that you can learn from.  Living life can be difficult sometimes and you need a boost of hope whenever things don't go as you want it to go or if it doesn't move at all.  Reading gives me that boost. 

Successful athletes provide a rich source of positive vibes.  Hard work, persistence, perseverance, and hope.  These are the common denominator in the lives of sports greats like Joe Montana, Larry Bird, Joe Namath, Earvin "Magic" Johnston, Wilt Chamberlain, Terry Bradshaw, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Steve Young, and Kurt Warner.  (Well, obviously, I'm a basketball and football fan.)  In terms of leadership insights, sports coaches provide a cornucopia of values particular to people management, planning, and strategizing.  Bill Parcells, Pat Riley, Mike Ditka, Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, and John Madden.  (I suggest you read John Madden's books if you want to learn and be entertained at the same time.) 

My recent trip to the book sale shop turned up yet another treasure for me---Bill Walsh's "The Score Takes Care of Itself".  Bill Walsh was the father of the Westcoast Offense and the legendary coach of the San Francisco 49ers.  His Standard of Excellence in running the San Francisco 49ers' is a leadership rich manuscript that is by no means limited to sports but to business as well.  In a nutshell, what this book would like to say is, "When you prepare for everything, you are ready for anything."

This book did almost did not get printed.  Bill Walsh was in collaboration with Steve Jamison for a book after Walsh retired the head coach of the 49ers in 1988 but the publication of the book was shelved when Walsh was re-hired by the 49ers in 1999 serving as Vice President, General Manageras, and consultant until 2004.  Steve Jamison's manuscript for Bill Walsh's book on leadership was put in a box and accumulated dust for 10 years.   In 2007, Bill contacted Steve to see the book through, but before they could start, Bill died of leukemia.  Bill's son Craig gave Steve the go signal to publish the book in 2009.

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