Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where Do You Want to Go?

Your success is bound by the limits of your VISION.  Everything starts out as a dream, however, a dream will remain a dream without ACTION.

So the question is really---"Where do you want to go?"  Once you've answered this question, it's time to takes steps towards your destination.  Well, you don't expect to teleport, are you?  That's science fiction.  In reality, the journey is long and often times---HARD (unless your father is filthy rich like Paris Hilton and you're set up for life). 

The journey is important.  It is the one that builds character.  The hardships that come with it is even more important since it is the source of life's education; hence the saying, "failure is the best teacher".  So do not be afraid to fail.  Be afraid of NOT LEARNING from your failure because life is but a cycle of different circumstances.  Learn not from your mistakes and you're bound to repeat them over and over again.  Not a fun way to live, right?

Don't lose sight of where you want to go---detours and all.  Build yourself up towards your goal.

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bhel said...

Well said. truly love your post!