Sunday, October 17, 2010

Globe Telepresence: Welcome to the Future of Global Communication

Last October 14, I had the unique experience of being in a “telepresence meeting” at the Globe office in Makati.

I’ve had my own share of video conferencing but the experience was passable based on the existing technology. Normally, it would be a set up of a 17” monitor with a VGA camera panned out to accommodate the group of people in attendance. Bandwidth limitation would cause some delay in the video transmission but voice quality, well, let me put it this way---we can understand each other (that’s the bottomline anyway, right?). Given my minimal expectations of what a video call might be---Globe’s Telepresence BLEW MY MIND!

The set up that I got the opportunity to witness was a six seater room equipped with 3 very large LCD displays (that delivers high resolution video) and three 1080p cameras that captures smooth, high definition videos with auto-focus and white balance to optimize realism. The room actually mimics a round table set up good for a total of 12 pax---the experience enables a life-size “in person” meeting across multiple locations around the world in real time.

With this solution, company executives who invest on international trips will surely benefit from the cost saving opportunities in utilizing telepresence as a means to meet with clients and business partners. Travel time and incidental cost will be put to a minimum. Aside from this, it will also give the environment a reprieve from the harmful by product of air travel.

With Globe’s 24x7 international connectivity, companies can rent out a telepresence room to set up business meetings. To facilitate this, a 24 hour concierge service was set up featuring an online booking facility to schedule the Globe Telepresence room in Makati City.

For companies with extra room in their budget to spare, having their own telepresence room facility will cost around… a 7 digit number to build.

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