Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Say NO!

In my previous blog, “Sex Talk with Your Children”, I basically told you that “if you can’t beat them, join them SAFELY”. I know many hardcore Catholics may have flipped upon reading it but as I’ve mentioned, the practicality of the situation calls for it. Truth be told, I’m for ABSTINENCE with regard to this matter---but that’s me talking as a Catholic.
When my daughter told me that she did not understand my blog I was relieved. This only goes to show her naiveté regarding this matter. Better to have her mother explain it to her in detail (not too much detail now dear).
It takes two to tango. Since men can’t keep their flies zipped then the key to containing this situation is for the woman not to give in. Women don’t have their brains stuck in their mid-section as men do.

So to all of you young ladies out there---please say NO! You are at the losing end of this deal. Everything to lose and not much to gain. If the worse do come, you will be carrying the burden for nine months and this would mean morning sickness, intense craving for the unlikely food at the unlikely time, and the ultimate pain---giving birth! To further aggravate the situation, you will be forced to marry someone you are not sure to be the right guy to spend forever after with.

Saying NO is an affirmation of your commitment to rid the world of unwanted children, unprepared parents, unwed mothers, and abortion. Make the right choice. Make the RESPONSIBLE CHOICE.

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