Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Walking Dead Episode 4

The writers of this series really got us by the nuts as to who's going to die next!  

All this while, I was under the impression that either Hershel, Beth, T-Dog, or Carol would become the next zombie menu.  This is mainly because of their character's significance in the whole scheme of things.  Hershel almost died two episodes ago but didn't.  T-Dog dies in this episode (not surprised).  But then Lori dies...?!  Well, or assumed to be dead (it was not shown if Carl really pulled the trigger on his mother).  If Carl did not put a bullet to his mother's head---can somebody who just had a caesarian section survive alone?  Does she come back as a good zombie and remains on the show?  Well, obviously I like Lori's character...why did the damn writers have to kill her?!

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All About Women said...

walking deat season 3 is coming, is very cool