Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Walking Dead: Whatever Happened to Lori?

Two episodes ago, Lori apparently died giving birth.  Carl apparently shot her to make sure she does not re-animate to become the undead.  However, when Rick, in his misery, went back to the cell block where Lori apparently died---she was not there!  There is this notion that the bloated zombie slumped near the area where Lori apparently died made a meal out of her body---but is she really dead?  Well the chances of her surviving an unstiched up C-section is realistically unlikely, but the imagination of the series writers might just spin off a rather interesting twist.  Otherwise, why not just show the viewers what has become of Lori?  What do I know---I'm just a televiewer curiously wondering...and then I saw this picture...

Is this what has become of Lori?

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