Friday, February 17, 2012

JinHuau J-93 Springer Pistol Review

I like guns.  Unfortunately, real ones costs a lot and you must be at a shooting range to fire it.  So I go for the next best thing---airsoft or BB guns!

I know animal rights activists will crucify me for saying this but I use stray cats for target practice.  Not those lazily walking down the street but those who are making a love nest of roof.  Annoying bunch they are!

I bought a 1911A1 springer a couple of years back but it had a short range.  I have since bought an M14 rifle which not only gave me the range but also automatic fire!  The problem is that it's too damn heavy to carry and by the time I have it ready to shoot---the pesky rascals have already gotten their way.

M14 (How I wish mine was dressed up like this!)
So when I got a chance to drop by Vincent's Hobby Shop at St. Francis Square last Saturday I was keen on getting me a springer pistol with an attitude.  Welcome the J-93 springer pistol.  It's made of zinc alloy so it's kinda heavy which makes it more realistic. 

The one I bought was on sale and cost P428.  Not bad.  Since I was short on cash that time I decided to pay using a credit card.  Sad thing is the establishment had a 3.5% interest for card transaction which upped the price to P577.  Hmmm...isn't this against a Consumer Act?  Attention DTI!  Anyway, it was China made under JinHuau Toys.

The sales lady informed me not to cock the gun with the safety on and I was careful not to; but the safety is loose and it locks without you knowing it.  So make sure you check the safety first before charging the gun.  There's also something wrong with the chambering system.  The magazine can carry a full load of 12 pellets but doing so will clog the gun.  Load only 3 pellets for proper chambering.  Sucks I know!  

But the real disappointment was that the gun trigger gave way after three days and I had to return it to the shop for a possible repair or replacement.  After consulting their supplier the sales lady told me that they will just replace the gun with a new one.  Apparently repairing this gun is not possible (I also overheard that this gun had quite a history of returns).  In other words---DISPOSABLE!  They also told me that that will be the last time that they will entertain a complaint and took my receipt for assurance.  Now I'm just praying that it does not retire on me early!

So if you do see this gun on sale in a hobby shot anywhere---DON'T BUY IT!  

I suggest you permanently glue the safety to prevent from accidentally
charging the gun forcefully with the lock engaged and damage the trigger.

Loading can be a bitch doing it one by one.  The magazine
can carry a maximum of 12 pellets but I don't recommend
that you fully load it; otherwise it will not chamber properly.
Limit to 3 pellet load only.


earol said...

i have this J.93 GUN and it broke, but even though i don't have any equiptment the broken were fix, the problem of broken lock that holding the diaphram can be no fix by stiching wire with the help of glu epoxy and for the misfeed of the magazine just mount a glue epoxy on the near hole of the magazine...

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