Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-Valentines Celebration @ Richmonde Hotel

I don't like crowds---which is why I plan my Valentines celebration with my wife before the 14th.  Since I don't want to celebrate with a work day the following day, that left me with February 10 (Friday) and February 11 (Saturday).  Hmmm...Saturday is plantsa day---so Friday it is!

I began planning the morning of Friday on my bus ride to work.  Needless to say, it was a sleepless bus ride as I wracked my still lethargic brain for an epiphany of a plan.  Victoria Court came to mind but that would mean staying in at the hotel with not much to do.  When the bus arrived at my stop at SM Mega Mall there came my epiphany!  Standing tall from my vantage point at the Edsa footbridge was the Richmonde Hotel!  Dinner and a movie is but a walking distance between two malls (Shangri-la and SM Mega Mall) and a side trip to St. Francis Square for some "tiangge time" would be a welcome opportunity.  After a confirmation of a discount it was time to call the wife to make preparations for our 2012 Valentine's get away!

We were booked in the 15th floor and the view was amazing!  I got a Junior Suite and it was spacious enough to do a running swan dive on the bed!  It also had a 32 inch LCD TV.  Unfortunately, it had limited cable channels to scan through.

I wish my swan dive was as graceful as that of Lara Croft's.
I'm usually picky about the hotels I stay in.  I take my time to make sure that the bathroom had hot/cold water shower, an extra large bathtub (or a jacuzzi if budget permits) cable and buffet breakfast.  Unfortunately, time is something that I did not have when I planned for this tryst.  Aside from the bathtub too short to fit my 5"11 frame, the toilet did not have a bidet, and the breakfast buffet selection did not suit my fancy.  Oh well, you can't win them all I guess.  Nonetheless, I do believe I was able to make another wonderful Valentine's day celebration with my wife---and that's the bottomline!



spiky said...

nice post....sarap magbakasyon kung ganyan ang hotel mo. :)

Nonoy said...

i agree spiky! are you married bro?