Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine’s and flowers, as dictated by our culture, go together.  Well, I’m not a flower guy.  Not now.  Not before.  The only time that I gave flowers to my wife on Valentine’s Day was ages ago when I was still courting her.  I think I bought her a P10 flower at a church near the place where we both worked.  Taghirap e! 

Normally I would opt to buy her something that she can keep to remember the occasion by---a card, a Papemelroti figurine, and if I have the time but no money, a poem.  Once I bought her a giant Kisses chocolate that gave her a toothache (I guess that would also count as something to remember the occasion with.) 

Flowers wilt and die.  No recall if you’re going to give this as a gift on a yearly basis.  The “WOW” effect would last only as long as the flowers are still fresh.  After that you’re back to square one. 

 Well, my wife is a romantic.  Though I have already told her my reason for not giving her flowers wants to satisfy her romantic needs on Valentine’s Day.  To satisfy me she said she does not want fresh flowers.  Plastic will do fine.

Plastic flowers?  Hmmm…never thought of that.  I guess its being PLASTIC connotes negativity in terms of intent but that’s just me overanalyzing.  Since I’m all for my wife’s happiness on this special day I gave in to her wishes.  Actually, she only asked for one but where’s the romance in that?  So, I got her three and then some.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweety!

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