Saturday, July 2, 2011

Of Mosquito Bite and Baygon Katol Inhallation

I really wanted to sleep already but after an extended exposure to Baygon Katol fumes gave me a splitting headache.  Splitting because it seems to be concentrated at the upper left side of my face.  That and the fact that I smelled like Katol fume made it even worse! 

For me, Katol is an effective way to get away from mosquito bite mainly because the smell would usually drive me away from where the pesky insects are---which happens to be at our veranda where I usually set up my laptop on weekends.  I just couln't stand the smell of it!  However, I was at the middle of a blog that time and did not want to ruin the momentum by bailing out; so, I endured the smoke and now I'm awake with a headache writing another blog about it at 3am! 

Gosh!  I've already bathed to get the smell off me but why is it that I can still having a sniff of the gadawful stench!?  I think I need to scrub my nose as well...

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