Friday, July 29, 2011

A Taste of Venice, The VC Way

A tip from Victoria Court Marketing Officer, Ms. April Escover, about the Groupon promo gave me a 50% off for a suite room with jacuzzi.  I was thinking of booking the Divine Room, which upon looking at the online picturse gave me a feeling of heaven (where I intended to go-wink! wink!).   But leave it to Ms. Escover to get this deal to a whole new level.  She suggested that I get the Venice room for an add on of 2k.  At first I was adamant of shelling out additional dough but knowing Ms. Escover, I know that the suggestion was something to look forward to. 

The Venice Room is one of the party rooms of VC.  A regular 12 hour stay is at Php 9,200.  That was a steal in itself!  But as soon as my wife and I stepped into the room did it dawn on me that it was one sweet deal!  If you've seen the Venice room pictures and found it classy, being there personally will blow your mind away!  It was like you stepped into another world!  The room was spacious.  The jacuzzi was like a mini pool and we had our own videoke system! 

If you're looking at romance, how about rose petals strewn all over the room?  I do believe I got myself a couple of pogi points with my wife with that add on!  Wait!  There's more!  Normally, an extension would cost around Php 1,500 an hour but with the Groupon voucher an add on premium of Php 1,200 will give you an additional 12 hours!  Now how's that for a great deal?!

Needless to say, me and my wife had a grand time!

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