Monday, February 21, 2011

Mylene Gonzales: The Actress Once Upon a Time

“Old actors don’t die, they just fade away.”

Well, Maya Elizalde, otherwise known by her screen name Mylene Gonzales and Mayleen Zapanta in the late 80’s, and 90's---is not in any sense OLD. Well, she has aged I agree, but she has still got that knockdown pretty look that made her leading lady material!

One of Maylene's magazine layout from
way. way back.

I know Maya through a Facebook friend who happens to be her sister and throught the next couple of days of her acquaintance, I was intrigued at the fact that there's this woman who once upon a time basked under the glory of the silverscreen, envied by many, and most probably paparazzied (if there was such a word during those days) but who is now living in Japan and raising a family.  You don't just walk away from showbiz just like that and the curious in me just had to know.

Unfortunately, the distance made it impossible to do a face-to-face interview so I improvised by sending her my questions via Facebook which she was courteous enough to oblige. 

Maya's film credits include:  “The Alex Bongcayao Brigade” (1988), “Boy Negro” (1988), “Sheman:  Mistress of the Universe” (1988),  “Hindi Palulupig” (1989), “Iisa-Isahin Ko Kayo” (1990), “Kabayo Kids” (1990), “Urbanito Dizon, the Most Notorious Gangster in Luzon” (1990), “Crocodile Jones, The Son of Crocodile Dundee” (1990), “Urbanito Dizon” (1998), and “Bad Boy” (1998),  Among this list I watched "The Alex Boncayao Brigade", "Boy Negro", "Sheman", and "Bad Boy", however, it was such a long time ago even my Glutaphos induced brain couldn't seem to remember all the details much more the cast of characters.

Miong, as her late father fondly called her, started out as a print and commercial model when she was 14 years old and got her first taste of the big screen when she was 17. It was a nice gig that earned her serious bucks that enabled her to help support her family, buy signature clothes and other lady accouterments, not to mention rub elbows with famous people.

Young and pretty proved to be a combination that was both boon and bane to Maya’s film career. Her beauty earned her the nod of some of the country’s big stars during that time such as Robin Padilla, Joey de Leon, Lito Lapid, Ronnie Ricketts, Bong Revilla, and Phillip Salvador and  the accompanying adulation of many male fans. Unfortunately, her love life suffered and with a jealous boyfriend, it proved to be a career ender. Oh, the things we do for love…

Nowadays, Maya takes residence in Japan with her husband (no, he was not the jealous one that ended her career) and two beautiful children. She works as a part time language teacher for the aged. 

Maylene with her Japanese students.  It has got to be a challenge
teaching these ladies.

Does she want to be in the movies again? “Yes, pero I would prefer motherly roles,” said Maya. Hmmm…personally, I’d say she’s still leading lady material, don’t you agree?

Maylene with her mom.  Now you know where she got
her pretty looks.


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