Monday, February 14, 2011

The Uncle Cheffy Experience

Before last February 12, 2011 I have no idea what Uncle Cheffy was all about.  Well, except for the fact that a former classmate of mine mentioned about an investment venture he entered into in an international cuisine restaurant named Uncle Cheffy.  Since we've just finished brainstorming about an event we were organizing, everyone was famished and so I suggested that we check out his venture if it was worth the investment.

The joint was located in Ali Mall Cubao and was the third franchise to open after The Fort and Eastwood branch.  It was barely a day old during our visit---that being their first day of operation---the place still had that faint scent of paint and wood in the air.  The place was simple in terms of its furnishings  and by my reckoning, it had maybe a hundred seater capacity.  The crew were naturally friendly and not just because we were with one of the investors. 

We had our investor friend order for us.  The house specialty were the oven baked pizzas called panizza so we ordered the All Meat and the East Meets West flavor.  At first, I had some doubts if we're going to get our fill given that the pizza came out in thin crust---oh, did I mention that we were hungry like a wolf?  Well, apparently, my doubts were baseless as our party of four almost left two slices of pizza untouched until my "maraming mahihirap na di kumakain" attitude stepped in and devoured what was left. 

Unlike the other pizzas that I have come to know, the pick-up-and-eat type, the panizza required a different kind of eating ritual.  It was served with a veggie garnishing of arugula, alfalfa, and diced tomato which you put on top of the pizza and then roll it that they become the "palaman".  I'm not a veggie guy but the garnishing really complemented the taste of the mozzarella cheese and whatever other toppings there was on the pizza---it was heavenly!

We also had the Memphis BBQ Ribs.  Actually, this dish came first before that pizza.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I had doubts we wouldn't be satisfied---well, DUH!  Hungry...wolf...get it?  Anyway, this dish totally changed my definition of meat.  I remember watching "Man vs Food" in the Food Network Channel and the host would almost always describe the meat as "buttery soft and melts in your mouth"---now I know why.  The meat was so soft that you could just simply have to tap it to make the meat fall off the bone.  Very tasty too!  

I really enjoyed the food so much that I had to take my wife the following day and make our pre-valentines celebration extra special.  That and also to take advantage of the special discount that Uncle Cheffy was offering its patron as an opening treat. 

After reading this blog you may no longer get the 50% discount, however, here's what the rest of what Uncle Cheffy have for the rest of February:

February 15-17, 40% off on food and drinks 
February 18-20, 30% off on food and drinks
February 21-27, 20% off on food and drinks

Bon appetit!

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