Friday, June 11, 2010

To Shave or Not to Shave? That is the Question.

I haven’t shaved for a while. Right now I have this three week old hair growth. Now why is that? Well, I have been looking at the same old mug staring at me in the mirror everyday and decided to just let the damn thing grow!

Actually, I only shave once a week. Usually on a Sunday. So by week’s end I have this centimeter long growth. By my reckoning, it’s already an inch long by this time.

My wife and mother don’t like it. They tell me that I look like Brutus. Hmmm…big, mustached guy---definitely like Brutus! But my two little boys seem to like the scruffy look. Justin likes rubbing the hair on my chin whenever he’d sit on my lap. Now I know how a goat feels like! Tim would stare and run his fingers all over.

My eight year old daughter Colleen likes it too. Well, Colleen likes me---PERIOD! I do believe she sees me as a big teddy bear! Clean or with the Cromagnon look!

I started shaving when I was in the seminary. I was second year high school. Everybody seemed to be shaving whenever it was lavatory time that I borrowed a shaver and just took off the baby hair on my face! Good thing I did not think my eyebrows as baby hair! Then I saw a couple of my classmates plucking on those critters and I asked, “Bakit?” E di para huwag tumigas yung buhok. Ooops! Too late!

I’d let it grow every once in a while during my seven year stay in the seminary just for the kick of it.

When I worked as a service crew and manager facial hair was a NO-NO. Food safety reason. Everyday was a shave day lest I earn the ire of my superior. My, my, did I get my share of scolding! That’s why whenever I was on my scheduled vacation leave I’d just stop shaving to break the monotony.

I guess not shaving is my way of purging myself from the constraints of my mundane existence and just hang loose. It isn’t that bad to look like Brutus every once in a while---not that I look better sans the facial hair!-lol

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