Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day 2010

It’s hard to be a father. Often than not you’re the great “kontrabida” to your children. Sometimes you’d wish that they haven’t grown up so fast.

When the kids were younger you could always sucker them with a lollipop or chocolate. Now, your blood pressure rises, your face becomes scarlet red, your body trembling, and your voice booming like a howitzer on automatic fire before you get them doing what needs to be done! In their eyes you’re now that spit belching, tobacco chewing, bad ass gunnery sergeant in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”! The ultimate drill sergeant!

Let’s face it; fathers are not really built to be mushy and soft spoken. Nosireee-yippiedy-do-da! They’re not the talkative type and usually express themselves in terms of grunts and the “heat vision eyes”---you know, the time when they just look at you when they’re angry as if trying to melt you with their eyes thing?! Now hold your horses there! No need getting all cranky now! I know that there are a few exceptions to this and I must say I raise my hat to these good natured, calm, and composed daddies out there. One thing is for certain---you are a rare breed!

But despite a father’s notoriety to their children, some things just can’t be seen by the naked eyes---their love for their children for instance is extraordinary! They work hard like a horse and toil to make sure that the needs of the family are met. They sacrifice much of their needs to deliver for the family. To him, the only return is to see that all his effort is worth it. This is why whenever the children do not make good on their studies the father would almost always blows his top. For him this would be like stacking up bricks all day and seeing them fall down before completing the task.

Without batting an eyelash your father would probably pull out his wallet get his credit card and have it swiped so as to pay for your tuition fee in the A-1 college of your choosing. Pikit mata at kagat labi nalang knowing full well that it would mean two or more notches will be tightened in that otherwise tight belt! Now imagine how much pain it will cost him just to see you flunk your grades! Hmmm…I think I already mentioned this incident in a couple of my blogs already…I guess it must have HURT pretty darn bad!

My-oh-my, even the holidays does not agree with us fathers. Bakit ba June ang Father’s day e alam namang kaka-enroll lang ng mga time na ito at wala na tayong perang pang celebrate!

Happy Father’s Day to my father and to all you fathers out there!!!

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