Monday, November 2, 2009

Catching up On My Favorite TV Shows

House Season 7
House is compelled to check in for rehab to quell his Vicodin addiction. After several weeks he is up and about and seemed well. He is however denied to leave the hospital with the threat of not being given his medical license if he does not conform to further treatment. Of course, House doesn’t take this seating down…

Supernatural Season 4
Kudos to the writers of this series! Personally, I didn’t think it would last after season 2 but the writers surely did a spectacular job spinning the story to a whole new level adding angels to the mix in season 3. Now, with the apocalypse at hand, Dean and Sam is being pitted against each other as the respective vessels of Archangel Michael and Lucifer! Talk about the ultimate showdown! That is, if the brothers succumb to beckoning of the arch enemies!

How I Met Your Mother Season 5
After a year of wrestling with their feelings for each other, Barney and Robin finally becomes a couple---kinda. Well, it seems that both are still in denial and though their feelings is now out in the open their relationship is going…well…nowhere! At least that’s what they want their friends to know! Ted on the other hand has decided to become a college professor and hinting that the mother of his children was from the class he taught. Unless this is the show’s final season I’d say this is just another spin as to who Ted’s wife will be. Of course there’s Lilly and Marshall. What can I say---they’re still going at it like rabbits!

Californication Season 3
Hank decides to hang around Becky and lets the wife go to New York to pursue her career. He then finds out how exhausting single “dad-ness” is and that no one wants to publish the Lew Ashby book he wrote. Well, Hank will be Hank and will surely find himself at the middle of some demented situation---like taking a teaching job! Not to mention an opportunity to bang three gorgeous women!