Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tom: My Favorite Taho Vendor

I posted a shout out on my Facebook Wall this morning about Tom the taho vendor.

Tom has been plying his taho in his assigned trading are in Lagro since we were kids. He’s a kind-hearted fellow who takes pride at what he does. He doesn’t look down at his job. To him it is a means to an end. Actually he had two jobs---security guard at night and taho vendor in the morning.

He always has this happy disposition and because of this he did not seem to have aged through the years. Seeing him made my weekend---a tall glass of taho with lots of arnibal and no sago! (It’s not that I don’t like sago… it is actually a trade off arranged with Tom to give me extra arnibal since I like my taho sweet.)

We were witnesses to his evolution from a walking taho vendor, to pedicab, and until last 3 years or so ago---to a motorcycle driven taho cart complete with wang-wang! Unfortunately, he came down with a sickness that forced him to retire. His Lagro route was never the same.

I've tried buying taho here at the office but its either lasang sunog ang arnibal or the soya would taste like vomit!

I really miss Tom…

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Adik sa Taho said...

wow! i really love taho.. it looks delicious