Sunday, November 29, 2009

Metro, SM Fairview Annex

I was handed a flyer during the opening of Tokyo-Tokyo Metro a couple of weeks back and being a hamburger afficionado their Colossal Burger got my attention! So last November 25, my wife and I decided to try the place.

Without batting an eyelash I ordered for the Colossal Metro Burger while my wife went for the tempura.

We picked on the complementary Japanese breadsticks while we waited for our orders. My wife's tempura came first while mine came after 20 minutes.

The burger was crammed with a thick patty, mushrooms, chopped onions, tomatoe, cheese, a sunny side up egg and spread with a sweet-spicy brownish sauce. Unfortunately, its look did not meet up to my palate's expectations! Whatever secret sauce was in there and the mushroom overpowered the taste that any tinge of burger taste was lost! In fairness, it was really filling and the complementary chips was extraordinarily tasteful. Kudos also to their cozy ambiance and very friendly crew with special mention to Jiro who served us.