Thursday, April 5, 2012

In God's Own Time

This should be the mantra of those who say they trust in God---a measure of FAITH.  Do what needs to be done and God will do the rest.

The need for more is man's self made predicament.  Man is an INSATIABLE being.  Whenever we have something in excess we change our lifestyles and spend until we find ourselves under again.  It's a vicious cycle really.  Oh, I have had my own downs and have fallen in this trap a couple of times already and what I learned is that when you're already in it you just have to suck it up and try to crawl out of the rubble of debt.  Come to think of it, many of us are not far off from the woes of a sampaguita vendor---just different levels of need---but NEEDS just the same.  

"God will provide," that's what I always say.  However, Divine Providence does not come when you expect it.  Ironically, more problems usually come your way.  Well, we can't complain to God, right?  We complain at the "injustice" of whatever situation we're in.  The workplace is where many injustices happen so let's focus there.

From my time as a service crew, to being part of the store management team, up to my time at the corporate office, financial growth has always been an issue.  We were unionized when I was a service crew and the yearly increase was a consistent argument at the CBA bargaining.   Naturally, the union always wanted more.  When I became a manager the merit increase was based on performance but that too had its own controversy.  Then there's the matter of promotion.

Promotion is based on performance and competence.  It also depends on the company budget.  But as they say some people have all the luck.  These are those who get promoted minus the exemplary performance and the competence to do the job.  Personally, I pity them since they would eventually look silly sitting on a position they are not cut out for.  This is an HR problem that really boggles the mind.  But that's a discussion for another topic.  Conversely, it is also disturbing to hear of people asking for a promotion.  It is not something you ask for.  It is given as a recognition for good work.  The one who should recognize this is the superior.  When a subordinate seeks for a promotion it is a major turn-off to the superior.  But I guess that's what happens when family finances can no longer be satisfied by the yearly merit increase.

In my opinion, it's either you wait your turn to go up the corporate ladder or seek another job that will give you this opportunity.  You can do this internally or get out of the company and find another that wil provide your corporate aspirations and the financial gain it entails.  Otherwise, just do your job well and God will do the rest---in His own good time.

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