Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What can I say---I'm bummed!

I have a foot plagued by gouty arthritis.  I have a team working on a project and I can't do anything to contribute other than my e-mail ang text discourse.  Being in a tight squeez you can't help but worry.  It's like a championship game and I'm in my street clothes cheering.  Yeah, real bummer!

Anyway, I do have a good team and I hope I was able to spur them to step up and meet the deadline.  I'm putting in a dose of prayer to give them the extra boost. 

Now let me move on to other things to keep me from worrying.

Prescription for condom purchase.  What the ...?!  What were they thinking?  Barangay Ayala Alabang officials said that condoms and other contraceptives cause abortion.  Apparently they are pro-life advocates.  Personally, I'm all for life.  Abortion is definitely not a Christian advocacy.  However, will this deter pre-marital sex?  I don't think so.  On the other hand, it will only compound this moral dilemma, expose the unscrupulous to unprotected sex and in the process increase the risk of early pregnancy, single motherhood, and abortion.  This ordinance also bars teachers and reproductive health advocates and social workers from conducting sex education activities in the barangay.  For me, an ignorant individual is more susceptible to make the wrong choices than an educated one.

SALN for private citizens.  SALN stands for Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net worth. 

When this BIR mandate hit the news last Monday, it was met with sarcasm and utmost disbelief.  This new ruling is supposed to lower the budget deficit from P 314B last year to P 290B this year by targetting individuals whose annual income is P 500K and above and making sure that the proper tax is collected.  Well, this is added admin on our part to accomplish but I guess if you don't have anything to hide there's no harm in complying.  However, do you get a tax reprieve if you actually have more liabilities than assests?

All these issues are making me sleepy...I'm going to hit the sack for a much needed siesta!  Bye y'all!


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