Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Free Loaders and Eunuchs

People who lack the necessary competencies in a job of position usually free load ideas from others. These people rose from the ranks due to office politics more than merit. Usually they act as the lap dogs of the Alpha. They are the type who does not question the one in authority---they just follow. They don’t have their own disposition and just echoes the wishes of the King. These are the people who need to name drop to get things done by their subordinates. Many of their directives always start with the phrase “SABI NI…” These are the people who, when asked about their value to the company, will go on a nonsensical monologue of phantom accomplishments that would just leave you dazed and confused. In the vernacular, these are the people “NA WALANG BAYAG”. In English, they are EUNUCHS.

Eunuchs are castrated human males. Normally, it would only involve the removal of the testes but in some instances would also include the removal of the penis in a process called penectomy.

The word eunuch comes from the Greek word “eunu” which means BED and “ekhein” which means TO KEEP. Together, this means BED KEEPER. This suggests the eunuch’s traditional role as the keeper of the ruler’s harem. Fully castrated eunuchs were reliable gate keepers since they are “harmless” in the presence of women.

Free loading employees are a bane to any company. They are a waste of resource, an unnecessary expense, and a scourge to office morale (especially to his subordinates). Let us pray that these people see the fault of their ways and change. Otherwise, let HR do their job and purge them leeches from the fold.

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